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Listen to free audio books and poetry recordings! This library of audio books and poetry features digital recordings and MP3's from the Naropa Poetics Audio Archive, LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, Maria Lectrix, and Internet Archive users.

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The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection
Apr 5, 2014 Cyrus Townsend Brady
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LibriVox recording of Recollections of a missionary in the great west by Cyrus Townsend Brady. Read in English by David Wales Brady was a journalist, historian, adventure writer, and Episcopal priest. As a priest he spent some time on the American frontier as a missionary. “…the experiences are personal and actually occurred as they are set down, to the best of my recollection…. Only one story was ‘made up’ for the occasion, and that combines several actual incidents. I hope that this...
Topics: librivox, audiobooks, Christianity, biography, memoir, frontier, West, episcopalian
The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection
Mar 30, 2014 Cyrus Townsend Brady
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LibriVox recording of A Christmas When The West Was Young by Cyrus Townsend Brady. Read in English by David Wales Babies, new life, a bitter winter blizzard, death circling. How will it all end? (David Wales ) For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit . Download M4B (20MB)
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Topics: librivox, audiobooks, Christmas, holiday, frontier, West